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Through a convergence of modern digital approaches and traditional media, my work explores relationships between the physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences of modern life. Often dealing with overarching themes of transformation, my work mixes many different media and disciplines in order to find new avenues for change and transcendence. I am interested in the art of healing and release. I explore these subjects though a variety of materials and processes that often result in work focused on self-reflection, vulnerability, and quiet contemplation. I am intrigued by the meditative nature of certain processes, which is why elements of time based media, performance, and hand-crafted drawings or objects seem to make their way consistently into my practice.

At its core, my work is about transformation in all its myriad ways of impacting and informing how we see the world around us, and how we see ourselves. Taking inspiration from my experiences in the world, many of the themes in my work explore types of transformation be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Starting out with a primary focus on the body, my earlier work employed methods of performance, digital media, and photography to question cultural perceptions of beauty and issues of body image and shame. But as my life moved from a focus on the physical to a greater interest in the emotional and metaphysical, so too did the crux of my work.

More recently I have been engaged in works that tackle grief and loss, healing, and spirituality. I have spent a great deal of time and research exploring the histories of shamanism and ancient pagan rituals, which have made a direct impact on my more recent works. The creation of drawings and objects which hold power and meaning has become a common part of my practice. Likewise, the use of found objects and natural materials are vital to the meaning of my work, as the integrity and power of those objects can be a great force for healing and release. A continued presence of digital technology permeates my work, as the relationship between humanity and technology is one I find deeply intriguing.

My ultimate goal is to create space and time for self-acceptance, healing, and forgiveness in the works I make. I seek to share these experiences with others by offering opportunities for viewers to meditate, ponder deeply, or actively engage in ritual process. I believe the artist has assumed the role of shaman in our modern times; and it is through my work as an artist and my study of shamanic ritual practice that I have discovered nothing is more universally human than transformation.