Upcoming Solo Exhibition: Scattered Fragments - Erin Zerbe at Peoria Art Guild

Opening Reception: Saturday November 15, 2014. 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Scattered Fragments combines the performance documentation, sculpture, photography and installation work of multimedia artist Erin Zerbe. Grappling with the stringent beauty standards set for women, Erin's work highlights the hidden, relentless, and often painful means that many women subject themselves to in order to look more "attractive". 

This series of work documents the trash and debris associated with the beauty ritual. Large format macro photographs loom over the actual physical objects they represent in an effort to examine and critique the dichotomy of natural and altered bodies and the balance of desire and repulsion.

This exhibition serves as an opportunity to have a larger conversation about the role of internalized and externalized misogyny, and how these forces are visited up women in ways that often go unnoticed. This work places the trash associated with the beauty ritual under the microscope, allowing viewers to look on in morbid curiosity, recoil in disgust, and question their own culpability in the cultural perception of women’s bodies as both abject and object.

Installation Shots:

Still working on installing the show, which goes up tomorrow, Novemeber 15th. The opening is from 6-8pm so if you're in the area, come on by!