CONTROL: Artist Talk At SDSU

This year I had the honor and pleasure of presenting my work at the Annual Conference for NWSA, The National Women's Studies Association. I met so many amazing people, and learned so much in the process. While I was there, I connected with Dr. Yetta Howard, who teaches courses in Women and Gender Studies at San Diego State University. This semester she is teaching a course called Introduction to Literature: Gendered, Racial, and Sexed Bodies, with approximately 90 students. 

I will be presenting my body of work CONTROL, to her students tomorrow via Skype. (god I love technology!) Looking forward to some great questions and discussions. Coolest part: I'm an exam question!

That's right! Me, and my work, will be an exam question and an essay prompt for her students at the end of the semester. I'll check that off the list of awesome things to achieve before I die. Boom!