Recent Publications - Lost at Sea & Grab Back

Some of my newer experimental comic works have been selected for multiple publications across various print and web sources. I am both excited and honored to be included among some truly talented artists working on some deeply exciting projects. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.59.32 PM.png

LOST AT SEA - A short mini comic about the loss of my father was selected for inclusion in the compilation called "Under the Sea" published by Out of Step Books. This giant, hardbound art book includes a variety of incredible illustrations, comics, sculptures, tattoos, and fiber works. Definitely worth checking out.

Additionally, you can find LOST AT SEA included in the 2016 copy of the Eclipse Literary and Art Journal: Phantoms issue, and as a part of the faculty spotlight publications on Siena Heights University's campus. This piece was also exhibited during the 2016 Faculty Art Exhibition at Klemm Gallery. 

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GRAB BACK - This single-page origami folded comic was made in response to Donald Trump's election to the white house. As a survivor of sexual assualt, I was furious and hurt....and I wanted to make work in response to those feelings. This short comic has been selected for publication in multiple charity zines including "State of the Union" published by Ricochet Press and "Terps Trump Hate" published by University of Maryland. All proceeds from the zines were donated Southern Poverty Law Association. 

Additionally, this work was selected for inclusion in the group performance work and exhibition called "In Care Of The White House" where artists were asked to send their work to the president. All mail that comes to the white house must be archived and documented, becoming a part of that president's permanent library. As such, this project encouraged artists to send works to the president, confronting his policies and behavior. The project became so popular, that it was reviewed by the Huffington Post. You can read the full article here, which features Grab Back as one of the pieces mentioned in the review.