"Permanence" Show At Dalton Gallery August 2 - September 6 2019

This curated exhibition at the Dalton Gallery in Rock Hill SC features works by artists Amber Eckersley and Erin Zerbe. “Permanence” shows two separate bodies of work from both artists that explore ideas of ephemerality and longevity. Both bodies of work deal with the nostalgia of antiquated items that hold more memory and meaning than continued use. Each artist is concerned with "old" things and how that impacts our modern lives in some way. While Eckersley's work is focused on the nostalgia of the south and her personal connection to memory and family, Zerbe’s work deals with the nostalgia of technologic objects and their impact on a more global scale. 

There is also a sense of excavation in both bodies of work. Zerbe’s objects have been "reclaimed" by natural materials, while Eckersley's have been organized for display much in the way we take things from antiquity out of their original context for display in museums or for critical reflection. If you will be in the Rock Hill SC area between August 2 and September 6 2019, be sure to stop by the Dalton Gallery at the York Arts Center.

Sample of Amber Eckersley’s Work from “Leftovers” (copyright Amber Eckersley)

Sample of Erin Zerbe’s Works