Crystal Meditation Animations

The following short stop motion animations use various crystals and precious stones to explore natural elements. The crystals in each excerpt were chosen based on chakra color and metaphysical properties used by ancient shamans and healers throughout history. These short animations are apart of a larger project in progress involving the role of the shaman as artist in modern culture.  The animation to the right is a part of this larger project as well. Designed to move with the pace of various meditative breath work, these animated patterns explore heartbeats, chakra colors, and clearing stale energy.


My First Memory of a Black and White Moon

This cut paper stop motion animation was created to accompany the poem "My First Memory of A Black and White Moon" which is an erasure poem by Karin Wraley Barbee. The source for the erasure was Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue". The audio was performed by Kerry Graves.

Tissue paper, laser jet prints, and a light box were used to create this whimsical animation, meant to conjure the non-sequitur and ephemeral experience of memory.


URWUT = You Are What You Tweet

Tweet by @SpringaldJack: My brain is not a cooperative brain. 

URWUT = You Are What You Tweet. This is a project where small multi media pieces are created inspired by people's tweets. Each piece works to encompass the mood, feeling, meaning, or moment captured by the individual tweet.

Each piece's approx. runtime is determined by the length of the tweet. Since twitter enforces a 140 character limit, the pieces are rooted in brevity. This tweet was 36 characters, so the video runs approx. 36 seconds. 

I loved this tweet for its playful simplicity and childlike logic. So, I decide to animate it. I wanted it to feel light-hearted. It seemed as if the tweet's originator intended it to be both silly matter of fact, so I tried to let that tone ring true in the visual aesthetic created by the paper's texture and rough edges. 

Organic Androgyne

Hand drawn animation in colored pencil using organic amorphous shapes to explore notions of love, connection, romance and intimacy. 

I Hate Spiders

Short rotoscoped animation that explores my deep-rooted fear of spiders, and a mishap trying to conquer that fear.